Robert Herder RH0361

Knife 4.60 mm, blue

Professional knife with 46 mm C60 steel blade. The knife has an ergonomic plastic handle, which is provided with an anti-slip structure for a good and safe grip.


€ 14,22

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17 g
Blade length:
46 mm
Number in packaging (SU):
1 piece
Number of SU in full box:
20 units
EAN code:
Knives with plastic handle
* SU = Sales unit

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About the brand Robert Herder

Robert HerderRobert Herder is a knife manufacturer that has nearly a century of experience producing kitchen knives known as "Mill Knives. Many of these kitchen knives have a blade made of carbon steel. This steel is made very hard. Carbon steel may not be rust resistant and requires careful handling, but the cutting properties are so good that Robert Herder still chooses perfect cutting combined with some maintenance.
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