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We are official importers of ARS, Metallo, Rapid and Friedrich Herder. Besides these brands, we have some other brands, for example Victorinox, in our range that we do not have the whole range of by default.

This website lists all the products we sell, divided into various categories such as pruning shears, pocket knives or glue sticks. You can also download the catalogs of ARS, Metallo, Rapid and Friedrich Herder in Dutch and English. The catalogs can be found here. Would you prefer to receive a paper catalog? Please email and we will help you.

Each symbol represents the product property, such as aluminum, HACCP or stainless steel, of a product. This can also be filtered on the website. This way you can quickly find the right product. Visit the Symbols page for a detailed explanation per symbol.

HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. It is a risk inventory for food products. The system is based on 7 basic principles described in the World Health Organization's (WHO) Codex Alimentarius. For food to be safe to eat, among other things, hygiene throughout production is important. As is the control of raw materials and the logistical process. The HACCP system helps with this because it identifies hazards at each link in the chain, and describes how to control those hazards.

Orders can be sent from your purchasing system or by mail to You will always receive an order confirmation before we ship. Please check this carefully to avoid defects.

Yes, but only in Dutch for now. You can use our Westparts Order System at You request an account and once approved, we will process your pricing arrangements. Then you can log in and place your orders. You will always receive, before we ship, an order confirmation. Please check this carefully to avoid any defects.

If you order before 2 p.m. and the items ordered are in stock we will ship your order the same day. This obviously does not apply if, for example, you still have to pay in advance or if there are specific wishes regarding the delivery date. If the ordered items are not all in stock, we will contact you.

DHL is used for most parcel and pallet shipments. If the package is longer than 180cm, Kaan Transport will be used. In some cases Vos Transport or Bijvoet Transport may come to deliver your order.

Depending on your business activities, for example professional user, store or wholesale, we determine which discounts and tiers are suitable for you. This is always done in consultation, so you know clearly where you stand.

In the Netherlands there is a franco limit from € 295.00 excluding VAT. Below that and in other countries, shipping costs are calculated per order, so there is no unequivocal answer here. We will always inform you in advance.

There are indeed options for this. Because every customer has her own wishes, we recommend that you contact us at We will then work with you to find a nice solution.

From ARS, Metallo and Rapid, we have various promotional items available. These range from pens, caps and, for example, stickers. All promotional items can be found here.

We have various displays for stores. For example, a counter display or a set display for long-reach shears or pole saws. All displays and accessories, such as suspension hooks, can be found here.

Spare parts are available for most products, such as a saw blade, cutting blade or center bolt. Availability varies by product. On this website, available parts are linked to the main product.

Product sheets of almost all products are available. On these sheets you will find all available spare parts, weights, HS codes, etc. You can find them on the corresponding product page.

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