Rapid 11884410

Cable staples 36 / 10mm DP, galvanized, box, 5x1000x

With their rounded crown, these flatwire staples are specifically designed for fastening low voltage cables up to 50 V such as computer, hi-fi speaker or telephone cables. Can secure cables up to 6 mm in diameter. Diverging points, DP, makes leg points go in opposite directions, for extra strong bonding.

Staple no. 36
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€ 28,56

€ 0,006 x 5000 piece(s)
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620 g
Staple type:
Staple length:
10 mm
Number in packaging (SU):
5000 pieces
Number of SU in full box:
5 units
EAN code:
Staples & nails
Manufacturer code:
* SU = Sales unit

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