Metallo K-2707

Metallo K-2707

Boxwood scissors, K-2700, green

Lightweight hedge trimmer / boxwood shears with handles provided with an anti-slip layer. Due to the ergonomic design and the use of a soft damper arises optimum ease of use and minimal chance of injury to the wrist. These scissors are ideal for topiary. the sturdy, high carbon steel blades and ergonomic design provide effortless cutting of any hedge. the low weight is the perfect scissors for even higher hedges pruning.

High carbon steel For all hands
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Light weight

High carbon steel

€ 22,45

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1000 g
Blade length:
200 mm
Max. cut capacity:
10 mm Only with medium hard wood and when used correctly
Number in packaging (SU):
1 piece
Number of SU in full box:
12 units
EAN code:
Hedge trimmers

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