Metallo Tools 970010

Pocket knife 8cm, wood

Pocket knife with stainless steel blade of 80mm. By traditional wooden handle, with this pocket knife a top product in hands. Convenient usage while cutting flowers in your garden or other activities. Because the blade is collapsible, it can easily be carried around and stored safely. Metallo carries an impressive line pocket knives with handles, both plastic and wooden. The blades are traditionally produced with the world-famous principle, which has its basis in Solingen.

€ 30,70

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62 g / 2.2 oz
Number in packaging (SU):
1 piece(s)
EAN code:
Foldable knives
* SU = Sales unit

About the brand Metallo Tools

Metallo ToolsWhat is important when using products? A good product at an affordable price, good service from the manufacturer and a satisfied feeling. Metallo Tools gives a 10 year guarantee. Moreover, parts are also available for all products.
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