Löwe L05104

Pruning shears, 160 mm, anvil, orange

This model has the original Lowe principle, pulling cutting blade in front of a stationary anvil.

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160 mm / 6.3''
190 g / 6.7 oz
Max. cut capacity:
15 mm / 0.6'' Only with medium hard wood and when used correctly
Number in blister (SU):
1 piece(s)
Number of SU in full box:
1 blisters
EAN code:
Pruning shears
* SU = Sales unit

About the brand Löwe

LöweGebr. Schröder GmbH develops, produces and distributes worldwide under the brand Original LOWE. Our cutters are tools for professionals in viticulture, fruit growing and horticulture, as well as for the widest possible range of applications in industry and commerce. As early as 1923, company founder Walther Schröder made his groundbreaking invention; he developed and registered the patent for the world's first anvil cutter. This cutter is still part of our range today, in much the same form, and its name "LOWE 1" clearly marks it as an excellent hand tool. A drawing cut against a fixed base plate - the anvil principle - can be found in many of our cutting models.
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