Kretzer RS0050

Kretzer RS0050

Scissors Finny 200 mm

This Finny quality handicraft scissors is perfect for common tasks. Use it in the professional sector as sailmaker, sewing / textile workshops, etc. or use it for daily chores at home. The Finny scissors has a sharp pointed tip, this is useful to work very precisely. The soft grip scissors remains good and easily in the hand.

Stainless steel
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Stainless steel

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200 mm
100 g
Blade length:
90 mm
Number in blister (SU):
1 piece
Number of SU in full box:
10 blisters
EAN code:
Handicraft scissors

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About the brand Kretzer

KretzerThe Finny scissors, the most popular scissors from Solingen. The scissors brand has been in existence since 1923. Every year Kretzer in Solingen produces about 1.3 million scissors. The Finny scissors are made of the highest quality Ice Tempered Stainless Steel which guarantees an extra long life span.
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