Bergo Tools BC223P-7

Filleting knife 180 mm, stainless steel, rigid, plastic, black

Professional knife with 180 mm stainless steel and rigid blade. The knife has an ergonomic plastic handle, which is provided with an anti-slip structure for a good and safe grip.

Stainless steel

€ 28,40

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Total: 315 mm / 12.4''
Blade length: 180 mm / 7.1''
104 g / 3.7 oz
Number in blister (SU):
1 piece(s)
Number of SU in full box:
1 blisters
Knives with plastic handle
* SU = Sales unit

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Bergo ToolsBergo Tools AB continues a tradition of more than 100 years by producing and marketing the famous shark-marked knives.
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