ARS Tools ARS180-2.4

Long reach pruning shears 240cm, red

Long reach pruning shears with lightweight aluminium handle. The knife is made of chrome-plated hardened steel and is therefore extra strong and resistant to rust and corrosion. The handle is rotatable 180 degrees and gives the possibility to determine the correct cutting position, without putting undue stress on the wrist. Ideal for pruning at heights.

€ 105,89

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2400 mm / 94.5''
870 g / 30.7 oz
Max. pruning thickness:
20 mm / 0.8'' Only with medium hard wood and when used correctly
Number on card (SU):
1 piece(s)
Number of SU in full box:
2 cards
Number of SU in over box:
10 cards
EAN code:
Long reach pruners
* SU = Sales unit

About the brand ARS Tools

ARS ToolsARS comes from Japan. ARS has long been known as the most exclusive and high-quality garden tool for both the professional user and the quality-conscious individual. ARS combines strength, flexibility and functional beauty in its products. ARS, there is no better!
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