ARS Tools ARSPM-21

Folding pruning saw 44cm, black

Folding pruning saw, tapered and fitted with the unique patented blade of 21cm. Fast and easy saw requires less effort with this sharp teeth and the way in which they are placed. (ARS TurboCut). The blade is made of hardened chrome steel, making it extra strong, corrosion resistant and easy to maintain. Provided with a black plastic handle and a safety lock.

€ 39,85

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Total: 440 mm / 17.3''
Blade length: 210 mm / 8.3''
180 g / 6.3 oz
Number in packaging (SU):
1 piece(s)
Number of SU in full box:
5 units
Number of SU in over box:
50 units
EAN code:
Foldable pruning saws
* SU = Sales unit

About the brand ARS Tools

ARS ToolsARS comes from Japan. ARS has long been known as the most exclusive and high-quality garden tool for both the professional user and the quality-conscious individual. ARS combines strength, flexibility and functional beauty in its products. ARS, there is no better!
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